First Time Visitors

Your hostess has developed a routine to introduce parents and four legged guests to Our Dog Spot’s Home Vacations.

Introductory Visit

The first step is to book an Introductory Visit (which is just for Parents Only). Parents are able to see where their four legged family members will be vacationing from time to time. On this visit, parents will be informed of Our Dog Spot's routine schedule, expectations and parents will have an opportunity to get to know Colleen, as well as discuss puppy. If there is a mutual decision that Our Dog Spot is a good idea, then we can proceed with the next step.

Pajama Party

This is where your 4 legged friend is invited to a Pajama Party. It starts at 10:30 a.m. and ends the following morning at 10:00 a.m. Parents are required to be accessible during this time, in the event that your pup does not appreciate this new environment.

Your hostess brings almost three decades of professional experience in the field and will use that experience to achieve the best possible results. If the results of the pajama party are not favorable, don't be disheartened. No one is to blame. It just means that you may need to make other arrangements, such as someone to stay in your home while you are gone, or perhaps a kennel may suit their needs better.

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